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wEB [culture] Is Garbage.

wEb [comsumption]Is SHit.

WeB [work]Is pUke.

Fuck Passivity. - DOES THIS MEAN ANYTHING? -

NEt [capitalism] Is Sinking.

nET [advertising]Is Pablum.

neT [surfing]Is gAnGREeN.

Fuck Passivity.

WEb [capitalism] Is Sinking.

wEB [advertising]Is Pablum.

weB [surfing]Is gAnGREeN.

Fuck Passivity.

Fuck Passivity.

Violence, Revolution, Anger.

Cease mindless surfing,

Destroy the forces that are

crushing you.

The web is a swirl of senseless mumblings,

The internet is an enterprise of fools, led by knaves, devoted to their further fall into post-modern, post-literate barbarism. Despite this, we take advantage of the forum to tell people to escape their compartmentalized lives.

We use the Web the way we use any tactic. This society suppresses almost all awareness of possible alternatives by suppresses community - by making communication a mindless swirl of atomized facts.

What distinguishes us is the opposition to the spectacle, the left, wage labor, the post-modern, capital, exachange, consumption.


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