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Add the Wildcat (London and Portland) site as a subsite of this site.


We recently became involved with the ANT_ISM group. We are excited by the possibilities of the project, though there are naturally many things still to be resolved before it really becomes coherent. Discussion on the texts on this site can still be made at the Board I've set-up.


I've been constantly adding little things to the website, so this "what's new" doesn't cover everything. I just discovered the RAAN discussion board. RAAN is a lively organization in the process of forming. I suggest anyone curious take a look. There's also the Killing King Abacus/Anarchy BBS and my webboard for discussion specifically on Against Sleep And Nightmare. The internationalist discussion list, focusing specifically on the "communist left", on is occasionally good as well.


I am converting this site to use simple style sheets. Hopefully no one is attached to primitive HTML coding the way some are attached to th photocopied esthetic. One of the main purposes is to make it clearer where each part of this website is in relation to the whole.

I have added a page with links to and excerpt from a variety of debates I've had in the past. These include;The Elf And The Spectacle ,The Proletariat ,Some Common Questions,The LA riots,Drugs And Insanity and thomas szaz ,The Values Of The text - 'The Tyranny Of Structurelessness',Workers' Councils Versus Unions,Utopian And Dialectical Thinking,Bob Black And Revolutionary Coherence,Terrorism And Publicity,New Ageism?,The Gift Economy Crimethinc Critique,and anThe Emptiness Of Crimethinc.


I've added the text for ASAN 7 in various forms - see the ASAN page. I've cleaned up the site, added a "toolbar" at the top of each page and removed any text versions of my email address - to avoid spam. The email address might have to change and so could the URL of the site - mostly because the site has gotten too big for the "personal account" that it started with.

For those wanting to contact me, the best way is to post on the various webboards that I frequent - the most active is the Killing King Abacus/Anarchy BBS. I have also set-up a webboard for discussion specifically on Against Sleep And Nightmare. This may also become the hot, happening place. Still, an interesting thing about interactive websites is that they often wind-up belonging as much to those who frequent them as they belong to those who set them up. And currently the KKA board seems to have an interesting crowd. The internationalist discussion list, focusing specifically on the "communist left", on is occasionally good as well.


The Site has grown-up like a weed and that's fine. It's fine to see the net develop it's particular strangness as a medium - the spread of certain humor or conspiracy files around the net bare investigation, for example. Like many other one-person sites, this site has "layers" of files, each of which were added at different times and with a slightly different style. Broken links seldom get fixed and announced projects can go a long time without being updated. Still, I kind-of like it like that - it's "character". A few old files can only be seen by google and that's fine too.
This site has about fifteen megabytes of text in it. That's enough to keep someone busy for a while, though you'd do well to skim a lot of it. Most of the text is written by me, with a smattering of other people's stuff - the stuff by others is gradually showing up elsewhere as the others get more computer literate. Accord to the ISP, the site is visited by about 700-800 seperate visitor each week with 1000-2000 individual "hit" involved. Only a small minority of visitors ever communicate with me - that is to be expected.
I'm freshening up the files here but things are guarenteed to stay a little rough - there's no pressing need for them to be any other way. I'm adding a "header" to each file so those who find things by google can find their way here and to the home page as well. I'll be adding about 1.5 megs of new files, which is pretty good.
I'd been at www.againstsleepandnightmare.net for a while but I may move to a new domain name. This would actually be cheaper since webcom is subsidiary of vario, also frozen in time and charging the rates of 1999 to its remaining customers.
Another interesting thing is discussion on the web. It seems like the most interesting discussion is determined by who "hangs out" at a given BBS page, rather simply the page's stated goal. This mirrors the behavior of people's relation to ordinary public space - making it over according to how it suits them. I still pretty much follow the various lists mentioned below. I may create a new list for ASAN comments but I think that would be pointless - it would make more sense for folks to simply post any comment about ASAN to either "Killing King Abacus/Anarchy BBS" or "Anarchism Forum" . Really, I am in hap-hazard contact with quite a few like-minded folks out-there and the BBS' seem to be the most effective way to maintain that contact - if you wish further contact, I would recommend that path.
Anyway, another interesting thing I've noticed is that it seem the dead BBS was and still used as a repository for various obscure radical Kurds. It's an interesting method - rather having any pages of their own, they apparently post duplicate text around BBS' aroud the net. Again, I see no reason to stop this, even with the unfortunate anti-semitic language that's tossed around. Perhaps the web should be a place of mystery - though I'll likely be keeping more controll over any future BBS.
Anyway, scanning my log files, I suspect most of my readers, if they do stay long to read, find me through google or other search engines. In anycase, that's why I'm adding the header to each file.


I've disabled the simple web BBS that I had going on for a few years now. Answering the questions of pretty random folks is fairly useful in my opinion. Still, there hasn't been much sustained discussion here. It's been interesting but it got too annoying and there was the risk of random hacking or legal jams having nothing to do with this project as well as the charging for disk space and traffic.

I've been on the "Killing King Abacus/Anarchy BBS" and the "Anarchism Forum" of "onetwitch". Neither of the "ezboards" require registration.  I am an administrator of the illiterately name "situationism" forum. Oddly, I haven't been flamed too much for this - I guess that SI fundamentalists are finally settling down. "The Anarchy Board," is now disabled as well as this sites webbbs. It seems discussion moves from place reasonably often. Still, the discussion in these locations is quite good. If anyone finds other locations with interesting discussion, please email me.

Also, the internationalist discussion list on yahoo groups has a much more focused discussion on anti-state communist themes. This also requires registration and the discussion is geared towards those who already accept the basic tennants.