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a holiday for slaves means a killing for the shopkeepers

Dashing through downtown

On the insurrectio day

We'll chase cops around

Laughing all the way.

Bosses' necks we'll ring As we set their world alight

What fun it is tolaugh and sing Ariot song tonight! Oh...



Anarchy's for me

Oh what fun

It is to throw

The state into the Sea.

(Repeat as many times as necessary!)

joy to the world

Joy to the world

The time has com

Let earth receive all kings!

Let Bosses, Priests and Bureaucrats

Find rest with worms and parasites

Six feet below the ground

Six feet below the ground

Six feet, six feet

Below the ground.

They rule the world

With fear and hate

And take what we create!

The time has come to celebrate

It's them we're going to relocate

Six feet below the ground

Six feet below the ground

Six feet, six feet

Below the ground.

Walking in a Nuclear Wasteland

Sirens scream, hair is bristling,

Children dream, pavement glistening,

We've finally paid

For the hell we have made

Walking in a nuclaer wasteland.

In the ruble we can

Build a shelter

And pretend we live

Far underground

Makes no use to dress

For winter weather

By 9 o'clock there'll be

No one around.

Later on we'll expire

As we char in the fire.

We're sing our song:

"What went wrong"

Walking in a nuclear wasteland.

O Little Town
Of All the World

O little towns of all the world

How still we see thee lie

Above thy dead and dreamless sleep

The silent stars go by Yet in the dark street shineth

the everlasting light

The hopes and fears of all the years Are buried here tonight.

So swiftly it all came to pass

Just as the dawn was near

A blinding flash shown o'er the sky

Awakening fire and fear

How silently how violently

The murderous bombs did fall

While mortals wept the fallout left

A givft of death for all.

Silent Night, Holy Reich

Silent Night, Holy Reich All is calm, all is Right

Introducing the Brave New Child

Genetically altered, born to be mild

Sleep in ignorant bliss

Sleep in ignorant bliss

Silent night in the New Reich