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You've Been Warned!

Hardline is action, not talk. But for all the butchers and fence-sitters out there, we have decided to issue our manifesto.


A tiger eats a gizel after catching it in the forest.

A yuppie eats a deer after cruelly hunting it down with a bow and arrow. What's the difference.

The difference is choice. The human chooses whether to inflict pain. The tiger does not choose. When human choose to inflict suffering on innocent crueatures, it is cruelty. Animal cannot be cruel. This is how humans and animal are different.

Does this make humans better?

Does this make humans into a grand creature that laboratory and farm animals must be sacrificed to them?


Animal liberation is based on personal moral choice. Every human has the choice whether to inflict pain on other living beings. Human beings choose to create factory farms and labortories for animal torture. Every human also has the moral obligation to prevent other humans from cruelly inflicting pain. Hardline chooses to put abortionist, meat packers and scientists on notice that they will be judged.


Talking about social causes is bullshit. Either someone has the choice or they don't. Everyone at every McDonalds has choosen to be there. A black from the ghetto has as much obligation to not eat meat as any punk, hippy or yuppie. If they choose cruelty, they must be judged equally.

If you believe that someone can eat meat naturally, you beleive the human hunter is as innocent as the tiger. If you don't beleive in choice, you must beleive that the factory farm is as natural as the jungle. Only a moralist can tell the difference.


People may say liberating animals from torture chambers is a crime. We say; The ONLY CRIME is the crime of causing suffering to an innocent victim. Hardline will attack laboratory keepers, abortionists, meat packers and anyone who allows the persecution of innocent victims.


Is a fetus a human being? Is a fetus a human being? The so-called pro-choice movement asks this Species-ist question over and over again. We say - CAN A FETUS SUFFER. CAN A FETUS FEEL PAIN. Is a fetus a living being. The answer is obvious. What is the difference between saying you can kill a fetus if you feel like it and you can kill an animal if you feel like it.

Love Of Species

We have no use for the so-called animal liberationists how keep animal slaves ("pets"). We have no use for animal liberationists who still associate with leather wearing punk-rockers.


Anti-animal buffoons always say "Hitler was a vegetarian." The fact is that there a pro-animal liberation component to the NAZI movement but it was betrayed by Hitler. The same humanists always harp about NAZI concerntration camps.


The wishy-washy PC crowd never understands that you can't be oppressed and an oppressor at the same time. If you oppress animals, it doesn't matter to us if you're oppressed as a human.

For us, America is already worse than Nazi Germany. Are factory farms any different from Nazi-concentration camps. Yes. The animals in the camps are all innocent, the humans in the NAZI camps were not. Not because they were jews but because they were animal oppressor like nearly all humans (Hardline is not racist).

This means that HARDLINE will inflict suffering back on those who create it. This isn't oppression, this is justice.


Do we expect to elimenate all suffering. No, not until the end of the human species. Will that stop us. No. Our duty to act is more important than grand schemes to transform society.


Every civilization has been based on morality. Hardline is working to give to animal liberationist a deeper understanding of civilization's original meaning. From christianity to Islam to Hinduism, all civilization were based on creating governments to prevent humans from choosing to harm to innocents.

If it return to those roots, animal liberationist should no trouble with government, especially christian government.

Animal liberationist should learn from the pro-life movement.

The bible speaks of a "defense of innocent blood." Animal liberationist should understand how opperation rescue defends the innocent blood of the unborn against the guilty blood of the mother.

The pro-life movement must also learn from the animal liberationist. Pro-life should mean the right to all innocent lives, not just the right to all innocent human lives. The pro-life movement must understand that there are far more innocent animal than innocent humans.


Too few animal liberationist understand that

Every organized religion today recognizes that government is an necesarry evil to keep human who rebel against nature in line.


Can there be any compromise the defense of innocent creatures. No. If you justify one act of cruelty, you have justified the princeple of cruelty. When can human eat other animals? When they are starving? When they might starve some time in the future? When they are hungry? Who will decide? The humans say that the human should decide, of course.

Animal liberation is based on strict personal morality. You can't beleive in AL unless you beleive always stopping the suffering of innocent beings. There's no other way.

Are human being different from other species. Yes. The human animal is the only animal that is given the choice to inflict needless suffering on other species and on innocent humans. For that reason, humans are given the moral duty to stop each from inflicting suffer.

The tiger in the jungle never inflicts needless suffering the gizel. The tiger has no choice as to it's behavior. Human are given the choice is to whether to inflict suffering.

But the end of soviet union showed how every sort of humanism allows the greatest level of animal suffers, of personal degredation and immorality.