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Against Sleep And Nightmare

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Everything Is True But Nothing Is Permitted! 1
The Realm Of Quality 12
The Medical Industry Complex 19
The Revolutionary Unconscious 25
Leaflets (distributed in Eugene, OR)
Defeat The Medical-Judical System 17
Some Ideas 24 ASAN
Back Issues –texts also available on website
#2 – The Crisis Of Capital, especially formulating a theory of later capitalism as permanent crisis, Cyncism as detournement
#3 – Casey’s brain, Various detournements
#4 – Our actions around the Gulf War and pacifism, The Stalinism As State Capitalism and the end of the Soviet Union.
#5 – General critique of democracy, critique of nationalism, critique of the Situationist International.


 ASAN #6 –Now at a rate of far less than one per year. This issue of ASAN has been somewhat delayed by my efforts to synchronize my interest in certain fields with my mastery of them. I’m not finished yet. Revolutionary time does not flow in linear fashion anyway. I address the question of fundamentally changing our conditions of living at a time when a vast structure works to conceal this question's existence. The magazine has had a reasonable success considering this. I am part of a small, informal tendency sharing basically the same perspective (see web for addresses). We encourage others with similar views to contact us.
But ASAN is still a one-person magazine. All the text in the magazine was written by me, although I've taken ideas from various collaborators. This comes mainly from differences in the energies of our small group. Almost everyone today is drawn in so many different direction by the ruling specialties of work, rent and consumption that we find it hard to coordinate even two or three people's activities.
ASAN could be seen as part of a debate on strategy among a very small group of revolutionaries. Within this milieu, there are those who call themselves “ultra-leftist,” “council communist,” “autonomist,” “situationist-influenced,” “class-war anarchist,” or “left-communist.” This magazine is a kind of model or experiment. It is intended as an example of the kind of activity, analysis and intervention revolutionaries might soon do on a larger level. Naturally, some of the experiments have worked better than others. More-so, these experiment depend on the still uncertain state of total class struggle. I do hope to inspire people to figure out how things work and act, rather than repeating formulas and following. To that end, all articles are original and written specifically for this issue. I would challenge other publishers to become something less of reprint mills.
ASAN is just as much written for anyone. As our present way of living becomes more and more impossible, the question of how we can create another way of living becomes more important but harder to address. This society has turned it's crisis against those who would oppose it.
Despite some big words, the ASAN is meant to be a simple-as-possible view of how our side fares in the class war. We are not writing for any specialized group. We are not treating everyone equally out of guilt. Escaping elitist language is a way of harnessing the power of full human intelligence. And there simply is no elite today worthy of the name and any real change today will happen without such an elite.
ASAN's esthetics is a strategy. We combine theory and practice, the specialized and the general to point to the larger communist method. But we do not have any interest in artistic/esthetic ventures that seek to dissolve specialization while retaining capitalist/market relations.
I often use “we” in the magazine to refer to a larger group of sympathizers, because the magazine is intended to represent a political tendency rather than my personality, and because using “I” over and over again starts to sound grating.
Please reproduce this or any other intellectual property however you see fit. The state at present considers everything published to have an implicit copyright. I see no need to make a statement granting legal right to anyone to reproduce this material. Those who know how to use this material should need no permission to use any information in the fashion they see fit. I of course will not invoke the state or legal right in any attempt to maintain my “property.”  Those “mainstream” individuals who reproduce this material for profit or deception will face sanctions on a different level.
Please do contact me if you like the spirit of this zine. Email is the most effective way. In the past, I have not always replied to letters in a timely manner. This was because of the weaknesses of my practice and not from any Situationist-inspired refusal to communicate.  Hopefully, this has now changed, the magazine can become biannual and so on.  We shall see.