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Flash - Pat Bucannon supports independence for Puerto Rico. Like Isreali nationalists expressed common interests with the NAZI, every racial nationalis is willing to stand with every other racial nationalist. And every nation is based on the ideology of race.

-> The Gulag Of Nations ->

USA, Russia, Baseball, Apple Pie, Hemp, China, Japan, Troops in Boznia, War, Peace, Satan, Jesus, Europe, Asia, Africa, Christian Coalition, Dogs, Deathcamps in Boznia, ACLU, Cats, Greenpeace, Donkeys, John Birch,

-> You will be laboring in it's dungeons if believe the nation means you well.

But if you are a member of the upper class, you will be a guard, if you are a member of the lower classes you be a prisoner.

Life, Hate, Lover, Heaven, Hate, Lover, Hell, Hate, Lover, Birth, Hate, Lover, Death,

Air, Sun, Water, North, South, East,

Freedom of Speech, Help, More Sex, Militias, Guns, Bombs, First Amendment, Hackers, WWW,

Christmas, New Year's Day, New York, Los Angeles, Burbank, Microsoft, Netscape, Internet, World Wide Web, E-Mail, IRC, Computers,

Satan, Jesus, Sex, Violence, Drugs, Money, Corruption, Life, Love,
Feminism, Elephants, Mountains, Trees, Owls, Leikis,