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Trashing The Psycho-politics of Information Capitalism

In The Emotional Engineering Course

Featuring: Sex, Love, Sex, Pornography,

For Your Records

Your Future Dream Is A Shopping Scheme

Sex, Women, Sex,

Automatic commodity = doorknobs, Sex, Motherhood, Sex, Ivory Snow, Sex, Three-by-five card, Sex Fatherhood, Sex, girls, Sex, Milk-crates, Sex, boys, Sex, System 7, Sex, girlsfriends, Sex, boyfriends, Sex, teens, teenagers, Children, kiddie porn, Dead Journalist, TV images, Constant Alienation, Your planned Defeat

When you come to your senses, you will realize we have coded the information needed for you to destroy that which destroys you into this simple information commodity. All the colors of Boredom await their destruction at the hands of a proletariat armed with a revolutionary anti-politics. Abolish wage labor, commodity production, the state and capital