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TV = Good Web / Bad Web = Work

The Anti-Web
They gave us enough rope, it's time to hange them with it.
The rulers of this system do not expect information to have a revolutionary impact. They not expect that YOU could use the information here to gain power over your life.

A Circle Of Decite

Like the TV that came before, the web's very technology is a conditioning tool. It gives your subconscious mind a way to avoid THE PAIN THAT IS EATING UP YOUR LIFE. If you're weren't already hypnotized, you could get up and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR WORKPLACE, YOUR SCHOOL and your 'HOOD.

To see the ultimate conspiracy, realize there is no conspiracy. Realize the rulers of this world must hide the ultimate order of things even from themselves.

But every new tool is a two-edged sword. Capitalist society needs the free-flow of information even if Senate crazies try to reign it in. This gives revolutionaries a chance to gnaw at the guts of the rotten corpse of America. But we will only suceed if we attack the very fabric of system. Starting with the web itself.

Will you die on your feet or watch downloaded satellite photos on your knees?

Of course we have bigger fish to fry than web browsers. Our task isn't to compare different parts of this society to each other but to upset the basis of the whole ball of wax. This is the task of this web site. But we can't just give all the information right away. That would let this become just entertainement. So as you start to realize who has their thumb on you, think about how long it will be before you throw them off.